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Learner Permit !

Dottedyellow saves time by covering the DMV handbook and DMV test questions simultaneously.
End of the course: You are more confident to face the learner permit and behind-the-wheel test. 
Our real-world animated situations{questions} embeds cognitive insights, so you are not lost in the test and traffic in the future.
Tap to download the freemium app, the StoryMode is tailored to cover all handbook theories and is ordered to keep it easy.
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Why Us
In the history of 100 years of DMV, Dottedyellow introduces innovative virtual animated practice questions to keep things simple, so you can focus on the rules to keep you safe on the road and the test. 


We have seen 50% of the students fail in the 1st attempt of learner permit. We at Dottedyellow heard the nerds and introduced Story Mode in the app. Story Mode formats the tests as story-based, so next time it is not overhead on you and not over your head on the test day.
How It Works
You can get through learner permit, behind the wheel - but it is not the same when you are in the real world. One place where you do not want to find shortcuts is while driving . Dottedyellow app introduces Route mode. Route mode gives insights for you to know what are your grey areas when you are out there.
Hmm...! We have seen students going after points. We do not share the scores with others using the app. Our focus is on helping you get through the learner permit test. The course is divide into chapters in the Dottedyellow app to ace and know, how are you doing overall. Score mode - beat the red, take the grey, and go green. Good luck !!!
Chapters mission based

Story Mode

Score Mode

Route Mode

Looks out what you
skipped , whats still red!
Visualize your strength and weakness in real world spatial geo map


Real World Situations

Learn while you take test OR Take TEST WHILE YOU LEARN 

                           - Dottedyellow

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2020 dottedyellow LLC
Questions are structured to cover fundamental handbook details & actual test questions, so you get to do both learn & test at the same time.
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