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Trip to the Grand canyon

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Today driving a car with an equipped navigation system, collision detection, and loaded safety features is a breeze.

Just before Covid, Our trip to Grand Canyon a remarkable one.

Until this trip, we never realized the most sophisticated safety guards are the markings and lane system on the road round the clock protecting every single soul in the car.

Driving in a city never validated how good you are with road rules or the different markings. I agree it was smart to anticipate if the road ahead is to be clogged using the blue, red, and orange shades in the google map.

But it's only the dotted/broken yellow lanes in an uphill and downhill road that gave in the word of caution - it's not safe to pass a vehicle.

We were 30 minutes away from the entrance park, with series of uphill and downhill roads and seldom vehicles here and there. It's then we hit a slow-moving & no scope of passing in the same lane with no turnout area.

I decided to pass, but two solid yellow lines did ring a bell. Why were the broken lines on the other side and solid ones on my end?

Going ahead, it was evident I was going uphill with no vantage point on what would be coming on the opposite lane. The solid line was rock solid in conveying it's not safe to pass as we would not have enough reaction time to catch a vehicle off guard.

It also made sense for dotted yellow lines for a vehicle going downhill as you have a better viewpoint for a longer distance on if a car is there on the opposite side.

Today Dottedyellow aims to get future drivers to learn driving with animated real world situations so that when you are off the grid with no internet you can still make home safe.

Like dotted yellow lane lets us pass when its safe we aim to pass you the right way.

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